CENTRAL PROPERTIES GROUP LLC has a unique and exciting program available to our clients. We are able to offer you an opportunity to maximize your returns when selling a home in need of updating. As a licensed builder and broker CPG can work with you to get your home renovated to maximize your profits.




If you own a home that you are considering selling but think the current outdated condition of it will hurt your ability to sell it for top dollar, call us. We will work with you to come up with a fair market value of your home in the current (pre-renovation) condition. That mutually agreed upon price, which is based upon a Market Analysis we provide, will serve as the guaranteed amount you will get from a sale. We then show you what a renovated price would be and you'd be amazed how much more your home could be worth.

We know that coming up the money to do these renovations can be extremely high and not realistic for most people, so we will take the risk of doing the work at our cost. All we ask is that we split NET profits after a sale has closed.


As a licensed builder, we are able to do these renovations at well below retail costs and can therefore save thousands of dollars on construction which directly  affect the bottom line.


Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for a turn-key home and we have the unique positioning to be experts in real estate sales and construction so we KNOW what buyers want and what they are willing to spend.



Contact us now for a free evaluation to see how much money we can make you!